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  • Compact body 
  • High quality 145mm wide printing surface
  • LED lights at cleaning position and printing area
  • 8 colors ink supply + White ink supply with recycle system
  • Adjustable vacuum for printing surface
  • Lift type carriage
  • Unique printhead protecction stack
  • Aluminum cross beam



  • Special for high speed 4 heads printers
  • Adjustable film plate bridge
  • Paddle type powder applicator and powder shaker with adjustable speed
  • Powder applicator and powder shaker settable for clockwise or reverse movement
  • Full function control panel
  • Infrared glue fixers with temperature control
  • Belt type conveyor with suction surface
  • Film guides for Post-fixing
  • Double row cold air drying fans
  • Sensor triggered film take-up system
Model FX-0804
Print head / Qty. i3200-A1 / 2,3 or 4 optional
Print wide Up to 800mm

Wide: Up to 600mm

Weiht: 50kg

Type: PET film


Type: Pigment ink

Color: CMYK+W, CMYK+Neon (spot color)+W

Capacity: 1.8L main ink tank

System: CMYK siphon supply, W recycle

Interface Ethernet
RIP Software SaiFlexi, MainTop and Riprint
Supported file ai, eps, pdf, psd, fs, pd, job, cut, jpg, jpeg, fpx, pcd, pct, pict, wmf, prt, plt, 2ps, fjb, prn, tga, tif, tiff, bmp, pcx
Power supply AC220V±10% 16A 50/60HZ

Temp.: 20℃-35℃, hmdty.: 35%RH-65%RH

Glue coating machine

*Intelligent temperature control system

*Automatic take-up system


*Spraying settable for clockwise or reverse movement with adjustable speed


*Powder shakers settable for  clockwise or
reverse movement with adjustable speed

Power consumption

Printer: 200W

3 in 1 heater system: 600W

Coating: 7000W

Packing size

Printer: L 3250 x W 750 x H 750mm

Coating: L 2400 x W 1120 x H 1140mm

Gross weight

Printer: 200kgs

Coating: 300kgs

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